I am Julia, a 22 year-old recent college grad. A Vermonter living in Texas. A soon-to-be wife, a loco-sustaino-vore, a reader, a crafter, a daydreamer. A coffee addict, an internet junky, an aspiring DIYer, a geek, a romantic, and (somewhat reluctantly) a homemaker. A house-fiancée.

     I don’t think I’m alone when I admit that in my teens, I developed a very clear plan and set of goals for my adult life.  I didn't even want to start dating seriously until I’d finished college, started my career, and I’d really figured out who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do in this world.

     …and then, at the beginning my fourth year of college, I found my soul mate. Not only did this not fall into my carefully laid out plan, but he also happened to live about 1800 miles away. Without a second thought, we decided that I’d move in with him after graduating this past December, and we were engaged soon after.

     Knowing before I moved that I’d have a place to live, and having very little overhead until my school loan payments came due, I decided to put off any major job hunting until I was moved and settled. After a couple of months of scouring every job site I could think of, editing and re-editing my resume, and filling out applications it became very apparent that jobs within my skill set were few and far between in this market, and that a traditional career for me may not be in our best interest right now. 

     So (for now), I’m a stay-at-home fiancée. I spend my days cooking, cleaning and keeping up with the demands of our dog (a high maintenance Yorkshire terrier), as well as crafting and the occasional DIY project. I've never been very good at setting my own deadlines, so I’m hoping this blog will give me the motivation I need to be productive while I’m going through this transition and reorganizing my priorities. 

Julia Rose