Work in Progress Wednesday!

 Work in Progress Wednesdays is a series where I get to show you what I've been up to so far each week. Whether it's a book I've been reading, a knitting project I'm in the middle of, or a recipe I'm trying to perfect, this give me a chance to share about things that aren't necessarily blog-post-worthy on their own, and can give you a sneak peak of upcoming posts!  


          This week has been a busy one so far. My current literary work in progress is Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. 


     I love love LOVED The Friday Night Knitting Club (even if it did make me cry several times) and can't wait to see what's in store for Walker & Daughter.

     Also pictured above, the hat I'm working on for the fiance, using the Barley Knitting Pattern from Tin Can Knits on Ravelry. I'm loving this pattern so far, easy enough to work on while watching television or a movie, but not so repetitive that I'm bored after a few rows. 


     I've also been putting my stand mixer to good use this week. My beater attachment had started to oxidize, and I decided to splurge and replace it with one of the fancy ones that scrape the sides of the bowl while it mixes. So. Handy.

     One of my fiance's favorite desserts is tiramisu, so I decided to put one together for him using this easy tiramiso recipe from Kitchen Nostalgia. It was MUCH easier than anticipated and incredibly tasty (especially after letting it sit in the fridge overnight!). I did have a hard time finding mascarpone cheese so I had to substitute cream cheese and heavy cream instead. (One small tip, when the recipe says the cheese needs to be softened, let the cheese get soft. Just trust me.)


I've also started to work on some fall recipes, including this pumpkin bread. It came out alright, though a little bland in both flavor and texture, so I'm brainstorming a few ways to really give it some more punch.  Look for the new recipe in a few weeks!

Last but most definitely not least, I've been working on the ongoing project of making my own wedding invitations. I can't wait to show you all how they turn out! I'll be posting about those, as well as other DIY wedding details in the coming months. 


What projects have you been working on this week?

As always:

With love,
Julia Rose