Work in Progress Wednesday and a Birthday Weekend Recap


     So, as some you may know, my 23rd birthday was this past Friday. It was my first birthday away from Vermont and most of my friends and family, so I felt like I needed to do a little something special to celebrate. My fiance and I decided to take a little trip outside of the city, and head to Waco, Texas for a little fresh air, and some shopping. For those of you who watch HGTV, you may know that Waco is home to the Fixer Upper couple, Chip and Joanna, and their shop, but I'll get into that a little bit later. 

     So, we drove the two hours to Waco without incident (which is a feat in Dallas traffic sometimes). When we arrived I had scheduled our first stop at the Waco Downtown Farmers' Market. It made sense when we were making plans, because it was the furthest downtown we'd be all day. But with the only restrooms available being porta-potties, and all the stands being cash-only, we weren't able to stay long or really enjoy ourselves. Despite that, we did see some really great vendors and food trucks, and if we were local, I'm sure we'd be visiting often.


     Now in desperate need of a bathroom and some caffeine, we hit up the best rated coffee shop in Waco, Common Grounds. It was more than worth any trouble we had finding a parking spot. Across the street from Baylor's campus, this cozy shop serves up some of the best caffeine I have ever had. I tried the Melt Down (Four shots of espresso in an iced cappuccino), and it was everything I always want a frappuccino to be. Smooth and milky, without the grainy ice that the Starbucks equivalent tends to have. This was coffee heaven in a cup.

     Our next stop was Spice Village. I wasn't entirely sure what this store was going to be, but it had been rated as the best place in town to buy gifts, not just for wives and moms, but for everyone in the family. I was totally unprepared for what I found when we arrived. Taking up the entire top floor of an old hardware store,  Spice Village is a store packed full of nooks rented by local entrepreneurs looking for a place to sell their goods year-round. Full of clothing, home goods, jewelry, accessories, and much much more, this store had an infinite number of gift possibilities, and plenty of things you'd want to keep for yourself!

     My fiance and I both fell in love with that fairy tale quote, and I have a feeling I may be using it in a project soon!

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love brings you a fairy tale.
— Anonymous


     After a quick stop for lunch (in one of the restaurants located beneath Spice Village) we drove over to Magnolia Homes to check out the shop. I just couldn't resist standing in the middle of their parking lot to get a shot of their signature Magnolia sign.

     If you haven't watched Fixer Upper on HGTV yet, you NEED to. Chip and Joanna have such an amazing talent for restoring old homes, while really staying true to the character of the home, and their dynamic together is so much fun to watch, even my fiance enjoys watching the show with me. Joanna's style is a mix of country rustic and transitional that really appeals to me. Until now, I had never looked forward to the new season of a decorating show this much. 

The store was a little smaller than I'd anticipated, but it was packed with beautiful accessories and decor. 


Our last stop was at a small used book store (because we're the type of people that can't take any trip without making at least one stop for books), which happened to have a great collection of Charlaine Harris mysteries for half the cover price. What a steal!

After that, we drove the two hours back to Dallas to a very excited and hungry Yorkie. I even saw my first cotton field! Not an ordinary sight for a New England girl like myself. 


This week has been primarily about getting back into a steady work rhythm. I've been working on a chunky knit cowl for winter for myself (I don't know about you, but it seems like I hardly ever work on projects just for me!). I also hemmed new curtains for our breakfast nook, that I'd found in the IKEA as-is section for $4 a panel. In between chores and crafting, I found out that a new season of Parenthood is on Netflix. I swear, almost every episode of that show makes me cry, in a good way. Have any of you been marathon-ing anything on Netflix recently?

I hope you're all having a wonderful week, and as always:

With love,
Julia Rose