New Year, Old Me.

It's not what you think.

If one were to hop into a Tardis, a souped-up Delorean, or any generic time machine to visit 7-year-old Julia, one would find a child who was undoubtedly a maker. Armed with a screwdriver, I took apart almost every electronic toy I owned just to put it back together again.  I painted, I sewed, I glued and glittered. I made mini purses out of fabric scraps to hold my embroidery floss for making friendship bracelets. Often, I made things with much less purpose than that, and I made them just for the sake of taking an idea in my head and turning it into a tangible thing.

At some point in late elementary school, I begged my mother to teach me to knit. She did, though not having any matching knitting needles in the house, I learned on sanded down bamboo skewers until a trip to a craft store could be made. (I was awfully stubborn, and would not let a simple lack of a pair of sticks get in my way of learning.)

Long story short, for as long as I can remember, I've always had a couple (or twenty) creative endeavors going at any given time. 

Then, along came 2015.  This was a year of transitions for me. I started my first 40-hour-work-week office job shortly before the new year began, and midway through the year, my husband and I bought a new house and moved a whopping 15 miles east. 

While adjusting to a new 8 hour+ working day, crafting was the last thing on my mind. When I got home, often I'd fall asleep on the couch almost immediately after dinner. Weekends were now dedicated to catching up on housework, meal prepping, and trying to squeeze some out-of-the-house fun in before the work week started all over again.

Once we decided it was time to put our house on the market, the first thing to be packed into boxes and dropped off at the storage unit were my craft supplies. They'd never had a designated space in the old house, and I hadn't been devoting any time to using them anyway. 

Well, fast forward 9 months, and the boxes are all finally unpacked again (okay, most of them), and I've made 2 WHOLE THINGS in the past couple of weeks, as well as starting a few other projects. I feel like a part of my brain has been asleep for almost a year and is finally waking up again.

In 2016, I am determined to get back in touch with the old me. The me who didn't worry about having every tool or every supply necessary to start a project. The me who made things just for the sake of making them, not because I thought other people would think they were great. I hope you all follow along with me in this new journey in 2016, the year of making!


As always...

With love,
Julia Rose